We provide
strategic direction

to help you make

better decisions

Effective decision-making is all about turning facts into compelling narratives. We work with data teams, evaluators, and policy teams to help you build and deliver a persuasive argument to the people that matter.

The real value of our work is realised when decisions change and people live better lives as a result of the insight generated.

Gather the evidence

Evidence centres and analytics teams

We provide bespoke capacity and capability advice to help you realise the value of your data for better every day decision-making.

Cost benefit analysis for wellbeing

We use the 2019 NZ Treasury methodology to demonstrate the social value of your innovative wellbeing programmes.

Data governance guidelines and advisory

We help your organisation align your data collection with your mission and purpose to maximise value and manage risk.

Devise the strategy

Collaborative improvement frameworks

We are experts in collective impact and networked improvement science frameworks.

Theories of change and intervention logics

We help you articulate the inputs, outputs, and outcomes of your investments over time through evidence-based logic models.

Strategies and operating models

We help you define and articulate your strategy, and provide advice on what's required to put it into practice.

Measurement frameworks

Whether using existing indicators or designing new data collection, we design a measurement framework to monitor and report on your impact.

Tell the story

Briefings and strategic documents

Our high-quality briefings for Ministers, Cabinet papers, reports, budget bids, and strategic documents simplify complexity through powerful key messages.

Investment proposals

We build strategic, tangible arguments that successfully secure funding.

Evidence storytelling

We create beautifully simple illustrations, presentations, communication plans, and reports to tell your evidence story, tailored to your stakeholders.

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We want to make
the world better, faster

We believe that learning together makes for more effective decision-making. That’s why FrankAdvice supports you and your team to improve your policy quality through workshops that focus on team and organisational capability, policy skills, and various aspects of delivering better quality policy advice.

Our workshop topics range from high-level policy team infrastructure to the nuts and bolts of the policy toolkit. We also offer bespoke courses to meet your specific needs.

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Our values
guide everything we do

Frank is kind
to ourselves and others

Frank is patient
the answer will come

Frank is generous
we offer our time and share our ideas

Frank is open
we learn with others

Frank is rigorous
New Zealanders deserve the best

Meet the team helping you make better decisions

Emily Mason

Emily is passionate about bridging the gap between understanding what works for whom at what cost and organisational decision-making processes. Her enthusiasm stems from 20 years' experience in policy and analytics teams working to turn data and evidence into useful information for decision-making. Emily has worked in senior strategic and operational roles across central government to improve results from the front line to the Beehive.

Her past experience includes the Social Investment Agency, the Ministry of Education, ACC, and Statistics New Zealand. Emily has an MPP from Victoria University, was awarded the Prime Minister's Public Policy Prize (VUW) in 2004, and holds a BA in geography, education and anthropology from Auckland University. 

As Ringmaster at FrankAdvice Emily brings together the components needed for a flawless performance.

Becky Essery
Chief Juggler

Portrait of Becky Essery

Becky has the experience to engage audiences with both big ideas and the practical details necessary for execution. This experience comprises thirteen years in policy positions in government in NZ and the UK and three years as a primary school teacher working with children and their families in the UK.

Becky’s ability to understand the roles and requirements of multiple system actors and translate this understanding into logic models for change helps clients to turn their strategic focus into action. Becky is expert at policy writing for government audiences. She has written numerous Cabinet papers, briefing papers, consultation and strategic documents. Becky also enjoys mentoring colleagues and clients.

Becky holds a BA (Hons) in Politics from Lancaster University and a postgraduate primary school teacher qualification from the University of Chester.

Sarah Habershon

Sarah finds her joy burrowing through piles of evidence to find the essence of a story. She has a knack for crafting focused narratives out of complexity, and presenting data-driven advice in a clear, engaging way that cuts to the heart of the issue. She has worked alongside analytics teams in the Ministry of Education and Social Investment Agency to communicate analytical insights to leaders, and brings a genuine commitment to evidence-based decision making to FrankAdvice.

Sarah holds a BA in History and Religious Studies from Victoria University, and is a graduate of Enspiral Dev Academy. As FrankAdvice’s Illusionist she uses written, visual, and digital storytelling skills to create compelling information products which direct the user towards a clear path for well-informed action.

Caitlin Sowden
Fortune Teller

Caitlin is always looking for for the cut-to-fit solution that will make the biggest difference to New Zealanders. With eyes across the latest research and analysis, she ensures that Frank's work always fits the direction set by the best evidence.

Caitlin's dedication is grounded in her frontline experience helping Work and Income clients navigate crisis. Understanding first hand how policy settings can fail people in critical situations drives Caitlin to deliver person-centred, culturally appropriate, evidence based advice. As the Private Secretary to a sitting New Zealand Cabinet Minister, she developed the cool-headed demeanor required to perform at pace and under tension, and keep FrankAdvice marching in step. She brings rigour and consistency to every aspect of our work, from the first brainstorm to the final product.

Caitlin holds a BSc in Geography from Victoria University of Wellington.

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